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This is where you might find me ranting about life in general.

The history of time and space

It's been quite a ride.  Now, in my 60's with seven children and six (and counting) grandchildren I've learned a few things.

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The golden voice that only tens of thousands of cancer sticks can create discourse various  subjects for you to listen to.

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Nice to have you check in on my website.  If you've never met me  before this is where you'll find a few tidbits about me.  I'm in my 60's and I'm the father of seven.  Currently, I have six grandchildren and I'm hoping for a few more while I'm on this side of the dirt.

I'm a bone marrow cancer survivor with an incredible story that I share on

I was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area and I've always had a passion for all things mechanical, electrical or scientific.

Many experiences in my work life have given me a broad perspective.  I worked in banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, photography and more.

My health has been a challenge most of my life and it retired me at age 48.  I keep busy however by tinkering, vacationing and enjoy being a recent addition to the Uber workforce.

I'm a faith filled individual who believes in a higher power that I  call God.  I only know two things for certain.  Tomorrow with be different than today and no matter what it turns out to be there is a purpose to it.

Always interested in making friends so if you're inclined to do the same, drop me an email.


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